Annabel Crocker Mellor

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Annabel Crocker-Mellor was born in 1973 in South Australia and moved to London in 1994. Her work focuses on the paradox of beauty in decay and transformation, the fundamental process of death and continuation. Following two bereavements and an entirely altered interior landscape, a narrative developed through transference, that positions itself within nature and noticeably without explicit human presence. The work is relentless in exploring personal grief and philosophy and acknowledging that exquisite details always exist. 

Petals arch and leaves curl. Dried-out pollen scatters and colours darken until they begin to fade. As memories are lost, the possibility of preserving moments of fleeting feelings has produced evocative and beautiful images.

The artist combines the macro and micro of her experiencing and finds comfort and pleasure in the form, texture, colour and uniqueness in being.

Art from Annabel Crocker Mellor