Barnaby Wills

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The artist uses painting and mixed media to re-assemble images and abstractions to help reflect aspects of the world that surrounds us. He works on oil paintings that are based upon abstract constructions of shapes with bold colour sequences. The work helps the viewer understand a visual language that references nuances from abstract painting and pattern design. The paintings offer a view into a whole world of inter-connected shapes that use both curved and straight lines, helping to enliven interest and impact. When exploring themes and concepts he often frees himself from limitations and explores different possibilities for one work, or a series of works.

Taking care of the preparation for the creative process, the artist researches ideas surrounding geographical exploration and discovery. He investigates imagery that may communicate and relate to the viewer, and he explores practical elements to painting and draughtsmanship, leaning towards a stimulating process.

Wills has exhibited around the UK and graduated from the Fine Arts course at The University of the West of England in Bristol.