Caia Matheson

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Caia Matheson is an award-winning contemporary oil painter based in Brighton, UK. She was born in Johannesburg and educated in Tokyo and London. As a child Caia was fascinated by the Lowly worm in the Richard Scarry books. She loved scouring each page to seek out that worm, and when she found it would feel most content – as if she had discovered a piece of secret truth that would uncover all the answers to her questions about the universe. There are some Lowly worms in Caia’s abstracts – albeit in symbolic form.

Caia is inspired by wabi sabi, or the beauty of imperfection. She loves to mix paint mediums and experiment with the effects. This can be the most exciting part of the creative process. Her mediums are oils – tubes of oil paint, oil bars, oil pastels and mixtures of oil paints and dyes. She enjoys the texture, consistency, and smell of them. Caia paints with her hands and washing-up sponges onto canvases laid flat on the floor. It is a physical process.