Christine Wilkinson

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Based in central London and with a background in video and filmmaking, Christine Wilkinson experiments with film and digital cameras, scanners, photocopiers, digital darkroom software (and occasionally a pencil) to create form out of light.

“Working with photographic negatives and digital pixels I create something in between photography and painting. This abstract work began as a series of photographs of car headlights taken from the top of a No 4 bus one rainy night in North London...

Taking off my wet, steamy glasses I was transported into this fabulous myopic world of swirling colours and light... this was the most fun I’d had all day and I wanted to share the experience. I wanted to evoke the sensation rather than pin down an image. I tried deliberately losing digital information - reducing pixels, losing colour information. At what point would the viewer start to sense an image rather than observe or name it? At what point do you lose the need to know what it is?"

Following a career as a camerawoman filming documentaries and music videos, Christine has developed a unique photographic style described as ‘contemporary and on the edge’.