Eleanor Bruce

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Eleanor Bruce reworks layers of colour and shape, creating conflicting structures of organic and geometric marks, resembling explosions and chaos. The continuous body of work, is influenced by deconstruction of imagery and theory, the natural patterns and the golden ratio, designs which seem to be constantly repeating themselves throughout our universe: cells, visible sound and vibration patterns, cymatics, the building blocks of life portraying things as big as planets or solar systems; mountain ranges and landscapes representing such things as skin and veins. Alongside this she explores we have unconsciously and consciously mirrored these natural patterns in our society, shown in man-made structures such as buildings, whole communities and cities resembling arteries or honeycombs 

The constant fight between our urban and natural world, is illustrated through her personal experiences that are transformed by chance and control into abstract environments. The use of Ultra Violet paint creates worlds within worlds with unpredictable outcomes, left open for individual interpretation.