Georgina Walton

 Georgina Walton creates large scale, vibrant abstract pieces inspired by interior design and spaces. Georgina is based in Shropshire and London working as a practicing Artist. She graduated from Chelsea College of art with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2014. Her work has been shown in galleries and spaces across the UK and in the homes of numerous private collectors.

”Working with a range of different media, I focus upon composition, structure and architecture as well as gesture and colour. I work upon large scale canvases, experimenting with brush size and types of paint including acrylic, emulsion, gloss and spray.

I have always been preoccupied by the concept of interior design and style, particularly within domestic spaces. Wallpaper patterns and interior fabrics and are particularly interesting to me and are involved in a large part of my work. I enjoy the process of disrupting pre-existing objects and patterns in order to alter their original purpose thus drawing them into a purely aesthetic realm. This direction has partially stemmed from a desire to bring something beautiful and different into interior spaces.”