Gugi Goo

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Gugi Goo’s artistic practice is based on existentialism and memory, and the process of self-discovery through painting. She is interested in the possibility of expressing the most profound human emotions and ideas through the filter of personal experiences and perceptions. Gugi uses large canvases in order to create large gestures and expressions – the freedom of space allows for the natural movement of her body in the process, which is integral. Her main 'tools' are colour, light and gesture which are used to create a personal language.

"Life inspires me to create. Connection between people, the human condition. I may feel inspired by a situation or just by feeling. Lyrics inspire me the most, phrases that remain deeply engraved in me. Often those words and letters appear in my mind, resound in my body. I want to show the sensation and connection of powerful words and fluttering energy with rhythm and space through the use of multiple layers."