Rajan Seth

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Rajan Seth is a self-taught abstract artist based in London and known for his atmospheric metallic abstracts. With his most recent pieces being showcased in Vogue magazine (January & March 2020), his rise has come organically.

A chartered accountant, Rajan became abundantly aware that his chosen career path lay not in numerical spreadsheets, but in complex canvases; his analytical mind had a creative calling that he simply could not ignore. He is a full-time independent abstract artist painting in his home-studio in London.

His unconventional style of ‘painting without a paintbrush’, using tools such as palette knives and paint scrapers allow him to build layers, texture and contrast into each of his pieces. Combining this with his passion for incorporating metallic colours into his work and his use of mixed media has enabled him to develop a unique approach which has become notable for its soft yet compelling structure.

Rajan enjoys creating unique abstract art for home and office interiors. As well as producing new paintings to add to his collection, he works on large custom paintings and commissions for both private and commercial clients both in the UK and overseas.  

“There is something intriguing about the way metallic colours reflect off a canvas from different angles. This adds new dimensions not only to the piece, but also to the interior space in which the piece is hung and is something I incorporate in almost all of the works. My inspiration is drawn from my surrounding environment. Painting is about feeling, and I want people to draw different conclusions when they see my work."