Stefano Gramantieri

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Born in Ravenna, Italy, Stefano has always been attracted by arts, in all their forms - fine arts, design, modern art and sculptures. Stefano started producing artwork at the beginning of 2008, and since then has received many accolades by the public, critics and private collectors. He has exhibited in many Italian galleries in group shows, and moved to London in 2016 where he began exhibiting as a solo artist in galleries and attending art fairs. His work's fit between painting, sculpture and luxury furnishing accessories has seen him collaborate with Italian and London interior design showrooms.

Stefano's artistic research explores new expressive possibilities of matter and materials, which he manipulates and transforms into art. Stefano often uses not only paint but physical materials to express colours, taking on new expressivity and complexity. In his artworks you can see many of the calling cards of the Informal Movement, though over time he has developed his own personal original style.