Tim Southall

Tim was born in Staffordshire and grew up on the edge of the heavy industrial heartlands of the BlackCountry. He studied Fine Art at Northumbria University and then printmaking at the Royal College ofArt and l’école des beaux art, Paris. Based in London for twenty years, he taught at University levelwhile maintaining a career as a professional artist before leaving the teaching profession andconcentrating solely on making art. For the last 19 years he has split his time between Birmingham,where he is a member of Birmingham Printmakers, and Cadiz Province in southern Spain, where hehas a house and studio.

Tim has this to say about his work:

For many years, the focus of my work was in the printmaking traditionof the narrative; figures engaged in telling a story. With a move fromthe bustle of London to the rural tranquility of southern Spain, I becameabsorbed in the big landscapes surrounding me, and the Atlantic Ocean,which is only three miles away. With its sparkling light, the Costa de laLuz - the coast of light - has long been a magnet for artists, and likemany artists before me I was drawn to it. All of sudden I realised mygrowing interest in expressing myself through the landscape. Initially Ifound this both amazing and vexing as I was thoroughly enjoyingexploring this new area of interest but I was also still drawn to telling astory. Conventionally, artists pursue one line of expression, making artin a consistent and recognisable style, but here was I making distinctlydifferent pieces of work. Over the years I have become morecomfortable with this ‘situation’ and to some extent the landscape isnow a dominant force in my narrative works. It is in the landscape that Imake drawings before going into the studio to make pieces of workwhich are a distillation of my ideas rather than directly representationalpieces. It is also through the landscape that I allow my mind to developnarratives and in turn try to convey a sense of something universalwhile at the same time making work that is intrinsically personal.

As a printmaker there is nothing I enjoy more than playing around withprocess and the materials at the printmaker’s hand, always looking fornew ways to interpret my ideas. The outcome of these experiments isnot always a success, but the journey is always worthwhile and for me,the essence of what makes me continue to make prints, 40 years since Ifirst made an etching.