Zino Pece

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Zino Pece studied photography at degree and postgraduate level, but painting has always been his real passion. Now devoting his time to making abstract art, Zino explores fresh possibilities to refute the suggestion that painting is dead. He believes painting has continued to break new ground, expand our vision, and convey meaning.

Living in Wales, he is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery that he has seen anywhere in the world - it inspires him. The ever-changing colour, forms and light of his work show that Zino's is a creator's world; one that is established, yet open to new variations, not through randomness, but through choices, choices which offer a clear message. Guided by a demanding aesthetic and an open attitude, Zino Pece places forms and colours and begins a process of observations, decisions, actions and risks, in the hope of arriving at a point of realisation.