Leaving Here

Kate Trafeli

Acrylic on Canvas 180cm x 130cm

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    £333 monthly
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Kate Trafeli

Kate has lived most her life between worlds: growing up among the tumbleweeds of the Western United States, a cowgirl who longed for city lights and a sense history. A merging of the abstract and figurative — normally conflicting ways of ‘seeing’ the world — is a significant aspect of Kate’s work. In her current body of works Kate works in colour theory, memory and structure: how colours interact and affect one another combined with composition to make a whole that is mysterious and transporting. She explores how we each instinctively relate to colour and shapes very strongly and individually. Kate describes her paintings as internal landscapes tracing memory, time and distance between people and places. How memory and emotion can make an experience or history seem very ‘present’ at some points or far away and vague at others. That experiences, histories, difficulties, decisions and journeys lead us to someplace else — very literally as well as figuratively. Kate’s works elicit wordless feelings of joy, wonder, happiness and depth in the viewer. Her work has been described as being simultaneously "beautifully simple and amazingly complex".

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