Premier Place

Art in Offices were delighted when Workman invited us to visit a brand new office building in Devonshire Square called Premier Place.  The double height reception was the perfect spot to put a life sized sculpture, but we also offered Workman an extended package of services for the tenants of the building which included: talks by the artist(s), workshops, walking tours, after work visits to local galleries and creative team building events.

This is because Workman want to make Premier Place a “destination office’ where people would be happy to commute in to, and would have more than just work to occupy them on their days in the city.  It is important to Workman that the people working in Premier Place are offered the opportunity build a community together outside of their own company, so the artwork and the events which Art in Offices are offering are the catalyst to achieve that.


Workman are rotating their reception sculpture every 6 months.