Rent Office Art

Rent Office Art

Did you know that offices with plants and art are up to 42% more productive? Offices with art also have reduced sick days, and staff are less stressed and experience fewer mental health problems.

Enrich your environment and inspire your employees by renting art from just £25 a month.

Art in Offices represents artists at all stages of their career, from graduate and emerging artists, to established, mid-career and blue-chip artists. Most of our artists are based in the UK, and through the Association of Women Art Dealers we also have an international network of partner galleries based in the USA, Europe, Asia and Africa, which means that we can access thousands of original artworks and can source artwork locally for all of our international clients.

Renting original art starts from as little as £25 per month and can go up to £500 per month for extra large pieces. That means offices of any size can rent original artwork, and we'll work to any budget to make that happen. We passionately believe that art will enrich your environment, inspire your people and empower your brand.

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