5 Top Tips for Productivity in a Co- Working Space

5 Top Tips for Productivity in a Co- Working Space

1. Be self-aware of your mental and emotional state.  Lots of things can cause us emotional upset, anxiety, stress, depression, or happiness and excitement, and if you are aware of what your mental and emotional health is like when you get to work, you’re more likely to be able to work with it, work around it, or ask for support.  


2. Connect with people and colleagues.  If you an extrovert you might go around the office and say hello to everyone, ask questions, chat work whilst making tea etc.  If you’re an introvert you might simply want to get your headphones on and head down, avoiding people.  Or you might be somewhere in-between.  Depending on where you are on the scale you will want different levels of human interaction to feel productive, but some human interaction is good for all of us. 


3. Stay fed and watered.  Tea and coffee are essentials for a lot of people, but don’t forget water and juice and soda’s.  Try to avoid energy drinks because you will get a short high and then crash and feel worse afterwards.  Don’t work on an empty stomach, it’s so hard to concentrate when you’re hungry.


4. Have some structure to your day.  Some people are really structured and break down their entire day, knowing how much time they can allocate to each task.  Some people have a simple to-do list, and lots of us are somewhere in-between.  Not having any kind of plan to your day is the most unproductive method because you will free-wheel and be reactive and probably wont get done what you need to.  


5. Take breaks.  Being constantly on the go and lurching from one busy task to another will just drain you and reduce your concentration levels.  So take breaks, away from the desk and away from the screen.  Stand up and walk around to see someone, go to make a drink, take longer in the loo than you really need to (we all do it).  A short break and a rest for your brain will actually make you much more productive.