About Us

Art has the power to: Enrich your Space. Inspire your People. Empower your Brand.

Art in Offices was set up to provide offices with the opportunity to have beautiful things on their walls, no matter what budget, for three main reasons.

Art will enrich your space. Art creates a sense of culture and interest and we will help you create a space that staff will enjoy working in, and clients will want to visit.

Art will inspire your people. Working in creative environments reduces stress, alleviates mental health problems, inspires creative thinking, drastically reduces sick days and increases productivity by up to 42%.

Art empowers your brand. The art you have on your walls tells the story of who you are as a company. It doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation, after all a picture tells a thousand words.

We create investment strategies, corporate social responsibility projects, art prizes, commissions, curations, exhibitions, collection management services and exhibitions for every sector, whether that be corporate, health or hospitality.

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