About Us

We believe that art has enormous benefits for people in their workspaces.  Art increases people’s productivity, keeps them motivated, improves mental health and keeps them happy. It is our vision to help companies engage with and inspire their people, whether in an office or working from home.

Art in Offices was founded in 2012 by Katie Henry.  After leaving Central Saint Martins where she studied sculpture (but will openly admit to spending more time selling her friends artwork than making her own) she had the spark of an idea to found a company which would make spaces more inspiring, enriching and motivating for everyone.

“I want to give companies of any size and any budget the opportunity to have original art on their walls, because staff really feel the difference – they are happier, relaxed, more productive and more motivated”.

What We Do

To fulfil this vision, the company offers flexible services which includes renting and rotating artworks for their office spaces and the homes of their staff, plus we programme virtual and real life art events to engage teams and office communities.

Since the end of 2020 we have become a team of 4, and together we have worked with over 120 companies of all sizes such as: Aldi, Workman, CBRE, City of London Corporation, public bodies, pension funds, small finance firms, lawyers, solicitors, pharmaceuticals, hospitality and co-working spaces.

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Adapting to a new world

Since the spring of 2020 we have started a parallel offering because employees are now working from home.  We realised people were sitting in their houses with empty walls and it really inspired us make sure people with any budget had access to art in their homes too.   

So now, we are also helping people to create happy and motivating workspaces at home.  We’re helping people to curate their zoom rooms!

Our Values

We offer a bespoke solution to everyone.  It brings us joy to make sure we’ve found the right artwork for you.

We listen.  We want to know about you and your company and start a conversation about the benefits of art for your company.

We believe in engaging people with art.  We work with an extended family of over 70 artists, and we take great joy in connecting our artists with our clients, which is why we provide activities, bring our artists in, run events and provide free tickets to see art, to all of our clients.

We have seen what a difference art makes. 

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