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About Art in Offices

We believe that art has enormous benefits for people in their workspaces.  Art increases wellness by 42% by reducing sick days, improving mental health and making people happy, and this directly translates into people being 35% more productive. 

Art makes people happy, and happy people do their best work.

Under the leadership of our Director Katie Henry, since 2012 we have been enabling companies of any size and with any budget to access original art.  We work with primarily emerging artists, and artworks across a spectrum of prices, from £40 to £60,000

Flexibility and affordability our core to our services.  Our clients can buy, rent or rotate artwork from £6.25 per week, or do a mixture of all of these things.

Our artists are like an extended family to us and we know them each personally.  Where we are passionate about enabling access to art for companies, we are also equally committed to paying our artists 50% of all income, to make sure they can make a living from their art.

To date we have worked with over 100 companies and the best bit of our jobs is finding the right artwork to suit our client’s brands.  We get to know you and how you want to be represented.  We offer a bespoke solution to everyone no matter your budget or size.  It brings us joy to make sure we’ve found the right artwork for you.

Are you looking for art for a coworking space or flexible office?  In this exciting new landscape of hybrid working, we can help create a workspace that is vibrant and exciting plus provide exciting events and arty freebies for all of the members.


We’ve seen what a difference art makes.  Now let us show you.

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