Art in Offices is 10!!

Art in Offices is 10!

Katie Henry looks back on her 10 year overnight success at Art in Offices.

Do you remeber this guy in the picture?  Our first ever logo!  When I launched Art in Officies I was on a mission even 10 years ago to save the world from boring offices and today, that is still my mission and why at Art in Offices, we do what we do.

Following the pandemic, I think the worlds eyes have been opened to the need for enriching offices which promote wellnes and good mental health.  Spaces which are enriching and inspirational.  Well, not to say I told you so, but for 10 years I've been promoting the benefits of having art in offices and workspaces.  Benefits like increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, happier staff, a reduction in sick days and an increase in mental wellbeing.

When I first set up Art In Offices, I was influenced by a lot of people I hold as role models.  Influencers like Anna Whitehouse (aka Mother Pukka), installed the importance of flexible working and how this benefits companies and staff.  And once I had a baby I completley understood what she was talking about.  Mary Portas was another role model who showed me that women can be creative and the boss, dress how they want and be taken seriously.  Trinny woodhall is another female founder I admire, and my friends Elinor and Isobel at Degree Art plis the amazing network of gallerists in the Association of Women Art Dealers, that I had got to know, really helped me with insight and knowledge when I first stepped into the art world.

Except I didn't step into the art world, i stepped into the office world, and suddenly found myself to be a disruptor in the industry.  What I offered was new and exciting, and it took a bit of convincing to get people on board, but as soon as people realised I was making original art affordable and accessible, and enabling access to artwork in the workspace, I soon got lots of amazing clients jumping on the band wagon.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with companies large and small, all of whom I have forged strong relationships with.  Companies like:

Aldi and Allianz, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Arrowpoint investors, Landmark Space, Mobeus Equity partners, Marriott Harrison, hotels and pharmeceutical companies, law firms of all sizes, finance firms of all shapes and styles, and hotels.

I count myself very lucky to have worked with all of them.

I also count myself lucky that I have had some great mentors over the years, and have been on some excellent training courses.  I wouldn't be where i am today without the School for Creative Startups and ex Dragon Doug Richards.  I have been on the Hatch accelerator programme and have been mentored by JP Morgan and Robin Shepphard of Bespoke Hotels has also been a champion throughout the years.

Most of all, I count myself lucky that I get to do what I do every day.  I have created a business that makes me happy but, more importantly, makes other people happy as well.  I love curating people's offices and then seeing it go up on installation day.  Watching the smiles on faces (and confused looks too), and feeling the energy levels change in an office - this is what brings me joy in the job I do every day.  And I wouldn't change it for the world.  I shall carry on saving the world from boring offices for another 10 years!