Art Rental

Art Rentals

Did you know that offices with plants and art are up to 42% more productive? Offices with art also have reduced sick days, and staff are less stressed and experience fewer mental health problems (Thomas & McCrae, 2012).

Rent office art to inspire your staff and enhance your brand values.

Art in Offices are specialists at finding beautiful art to rent and art to lease.  Our ethos is that the art you have on the walls says a lot about you as a company – it should reflect and enhance your company brand values.  You only get one chance at a first impression after all, so we connect the art to your company from day 1.

We source artwork directly from our family of artists, and ship it straight from them to you.  The cost of renting office art is linked proportionally to the sale value of the artwork, which means prices range from affordable to investment, but the quality of the art is always amazing and personally checked by the team.

When you rent or lease art with Art in Offices, you pay a set monthly fee which never fluctuates, and our artists always receive 50% of those fees every month as well.  We’re supporting artists by giving them a new audience to see their art and an alternative and regular income stream. 

By renting art through Art in Offices you are directly supporting artists, and can confidently include this in your CSR strategy as a patron of the arts.

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