Art Strategy

Art Strategy

Art in Offices can consult on and create strategies which link art to Corporate Social Responsibility, Human Resource, Branding and Investment Strategies.

Art in Offices provides comprehensive art investment strategies, offering highly specialized services ranging from sourcing and commissioning artworks, assisting with acquisitions, documentation and inventory management, to suggesting professional storage options and ongoing advice on condition and value assessment.

We have links with a large number of arts charities across the country, from micro-charities run by volunteers, to national charities and educational institutions. Areas of focus for these charities include LGBTQ+, BAME, people with disabilities and Arts Education. This means that we can link your company's Corporate Social Responsibility strategy to a worthy charity, organise corporate donations or sponsorship and provide art for display at the same time.

We can integrate an art strategy into new or existing Human Resource strategies. Examples include using art to promote good mental health at work, environmental responsibility and creative workshops as part of a regular social programme of team building.

In addition, enhance the physical and visual quality of an environment and the experience of those using it, and creating a sense of community and pride through involving and engaging with members of staff both in the process and outcomes, inviting discussion, innovation, team collaboration, inspiration and creativity.

We can design, create and implement art prizes, awards and exhibitions as part of a CSR or PR strategy. Examples include graduate art prizes, public sculpture initiatives, exhibitions to promote business networking opportunities and sponsorship of arts institutions, events or art fairs.

Also contribute to the creation of a unique identity for a place through artworks that are original, site specific, meaningful, and in line with brand identity.

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