Angus Vasili

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Angus Vasili is an emerging artist, a process driven printmaker, using abstract concepts to define the rules of each project. Working from his studio in York, his work includes layers of photography, architecture and texture.

Based in Yorkshire, Angus Vasili is known for his architectural infused Silkscreen prints. Driven by his passion for process, Vasili creates a delicate balance between the abstractions of printmaking and the monumental forms of modern and contemporary architecture, which fuse and coalesce in an extraordinary dance of visual elements. Weaving in screen-printing, photography, and hand-finished texture, Vasili’s practice continues to evolve, ever informed by the experimental.

Describing his praxis as ‘loose and intuitive’, Vasili relies on the aleatory nature of the printing process - those chance accidents in analogue technique that bring about some of the most spectacular visual instances, for a raw and dynamic contemporary aesthetic.

Art from Angus Vasili