Charley Peters

Charley Peters is a painter based in London. Starting from an interest in the legacy of Modernism, her work considers the manifestation of the abstract in the context of contemporary visual media, such as TV, the Internet and computer desktops. Her meticulously made paintings reflect the graphically complex world in which we now live, where we simultaneously see multiple ‘windows’ on computer screens, smartphones and digital tablets. These windows often display disparate images all at once, each with their own temporal, spatial, and visual registers.  

By juxtaposing the familiar sensibilities of the Hard Edge, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art with aesthetics suggestive of the development of the information age, Peters references the language of High Modernism in the context of the recent phenomena of the high tech, filtered through the analogue act of painting. She presents paint as ‘information’ for us to decode as part of our current digital, graphic culture. Peters’ paintings are developed intuitively in layers with no preconceived understanding of a resolved ‘image’. 

Art from Charley Peters