Fi Burke

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Fi’s work gives voice to the silent, and a materiality to the marginal.Her curiosity with 'what went before' and her ‘being in the moment‘ meditative approach has led her on many journeys, both literally and philosophically. The unique way she processes these 'time travels' results in images and artworks which emanate calm and tranquillity, but which hold within them a question.

Pondering places, ideas and hidden histories means she creates images with feeling, taking you somewhere you didn't know you wanted to go.  Fi’s work is philosophical but retains an endearing childlike quality and a hint of the whimsical. 

“I like to connect to how we experience life by exploring our relationships with the ‘everyday’ including language and eating.  As well as responding to cultural references, my practice is influenced by Eastern philosophies focused on ways of being.

 Not being bound by a single medium gives me an immense sense of creative freedom to let the work lead and take me where it wants to go.  Each piece of my work is a point on a journey, a map of where I have been and the promise of where I might go in the future...”

Art from Fi Burke