Jenni Stuart

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Raised against the picturesque backdrop of West Cornwall, Jenni Stewart’s artistic journey began with a passion for self-expression and a keen eye for the interplay of colour and texture. After delving into the world of Fine Art with a degree from Bath Spa University, she transitioned into the role of an Art Teacher, dedicating herself to nurturing creativity in others. In 2021, she made the choice to redirect her focus entirely towards her own artistic endeavors. Her work revolves around the vibrant world of colour and texture, weaving together elements of self-expression and glimpses of the surrounding landscape. Drawing inspiration from her Cornish roots, the luminosity of the outdoors, and the sea. Abstract beauty born from a unique blend of influences.

She embraces the visual realm as her language of choice, translating the essence of her experiences into a tapestry of artistic expression. She perceives the world through images, assimilating the details of her surroundings into her paintings. The creative process takes her back to the heart of her upbringing, where childhood memories, family time, and vibrant conversations serve as the palette for her compositions.

Working primarily in acrylics, she embarks on each piece with a multilayered approach, often simultaneously starting several works. The addition of oil bar drawings atop the paintings allows her to knit together space and colour, infusing the artwork with a dynamic energy that reflects the underlying element of fun in her process. Her goal is to create art that transcends generational boundaries, making it accessible to all ages. Ultimately, her artwork serves as a visual diary, capturing the essence of the life she leads. Each piece is a collection of her words translated into a vibrant visual language, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of her experiences.