Jessie Woodward

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Jessie is an abstract painter and mixed media Artist, based in Bristol. Until recently she lived and worked in London, working in Art Education at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Jessie has exhibited her abstract works in London and throughout the UK.

Jessie has always been fascinated by abstraction and the concept of spontaneity which forms the basis of her work. She is intrigued by how we respond to painting and aims to explore how pure abstract work can generate visual energetic joy and pleasure. The excitement of her works and their vivid compositions come from a direct response to that moment in time as well as developing reappearing patterns and marks.

This body of work experiments with the mixing of fluorescent paints, glitter and drawing materials to explore and enjoy the vibrancy of colour and texture. Improvising in response to the dynamics created when colours in different marks, textures and ratios are set with and against each other. The process is an intrinsic part of the painting, scratching into paint, drawing with different materials, layers of paint, mark making, more fluorescent paint, more glitter, making each piece vividly unique.