Jude Caisley

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Jude Caisley was born and raised in Northumberland, England. She originally trained in fashion and textiles and after graduating with a First Class Honours degree, she went on to work in the fashion industry for a number of years before discovering her love for painting. She now lives and works as a full- time artist in South-East London.

Jude’s expressive abstract paintings are dynamic, ethereal, full of light, movement and vibrant colours. She combines bold gestural marks, rich textures, intricate detail and areas of subtle blending.

The inescapable beauty of the natural world, music and emotions all inspire her work. Working mainly in acrylic paint, Jude employs a mixture of both traditional and innovative painting techniques.

Her initial stage of painting is spontaneously and intuitively responding to the movement of music, with the aim to capture the atmosphere mood and emotion through the forms and colours. The next phase is more contemplative and involves the blending of colours and layers of glazing, all the while searching for the hidden beauty, rhythms and intricate details that lie within. A process that allows for many happy accidents fi lled with grace.