Laura Benetton

Laura Benetton is a London-based Italian artist. She studied painting in Venice, Italy, at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2008, she was selected to be one of Arnaldo's Pomodoro artists in residence at TAM, Urbino where she specialized in metal sculpture.

Laura’s artistic research focuses on the correlation between Nature and Science, between the butterflies and bird species of the rainforest and their color interdependence related to light-waves energy and frequencies.

The center of her work is the action, fragmented, dissolved into abstraction and the study of color related to the movement. Working with acrylic and mixed media to create a vibrating and energetic multimedia painting, at times she aims to challenge the boundaries of painting by inserting a neon as external elements for a balance in a composition that aims to establish a subjective relationship with the viewer as the artwork becomes an experience rather than a mere object.

Art from Laura Benetton