Michael Lee

  • Michael Lee is a British visual artist, living and working in London.
  • Having gained a first degree in Mathematics, he realised his passion for art was too great to ignore. He then completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at UCE, followed by a PGCE at Goldsmiths.
  • Michael taught as a full time art teacher before travelling Asia and training in oil painting. He returned to the UK, working as an art and photography teacher while studying a Masters Degree in Fine Art at Middlesex University.
  • Photography was always a passion and mainly served to inform Michael’s painting. However, since developing a unique technique for creating abstracted photographs in-camera, he only paints with his lens. Painting now serves to inform his photography.
  • Michael works solely as an artist now. He has exhibited widely across London, the UK and Europe.  He is represented by galleries in the UK and Italy.
  • All Michael's photographs are created on site, in-camera and as a result of artist and subject movements. His unique photographic technique attempts to balance static and moving components in order to create a dynamic interplay between abstraction and figuration.  He is in constant negotiation between the very precise technology of digital photography, intuition, performance and happenstance to produce an elusive image.