Nefer tipi

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Nefer tipi is an artist based in East London. She holds a degree in Fine Arts from Salamanca, Spain, and, while her career has spanned across various creative disciplines, art has always been her true calling. Her work serves as a visual language rich in symbology that explore life's paths, the journey of self-discovery, the fleeting nature of existence, and the emptiness of superfluous material pursuits. She has a deep interest in art history and she frequently draws from the past to look for innovative ways of expression.

Music plays an integral role in her artistic process, guiding her into a state of mind where she can fully immerse herself in the creative flow. It is through music that she finds the ability to focus and channel her inspiration into her work.

Her portfolio encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including painting on canvas, street art, digital collage, and sculpture. Each piece is a testament to my personal journey, rich in symbolism, and a fusion of influences.