Sara Hoque

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The artist Sara Hoque was born in North Yorkshire in 1991, to a Norwegian mother and British/Bengali Father. As a child, Hoque had a multi-cultural nomadic upbringing which is now reflected in her current work and habitat. Since graduating, she has been living in London and currently resides on a 40ft narrowboat cruising the waterways. During her childhood, the artist was inspired by the fairly rural areas of Wales and Norway, nature being the main subject of her drawings. She travelled to a lot of unusual and beautiful places where she felt amazed and in awe at the vastness of the forests and seas.

“I’ve always wanted to capture this feeling so I began to experiment with digital photography. Using images I’d taken of Norwegian woodlands; I began to manipulate the colours to convey this magic I felt. This natural beauty and wonder I experienced whilst visiting these places as a child, has stayed with me and is now reflected in my paintings. I often find myself bored by the mundane and the everyday and my work is an effort to get back to the power and mystery of these places”. Sarah Hoque