Getting Used to Hybrid Working

Getting Used to Hybrid Working

Have you heard of ‘hybrid working’?

Perhaps you have been working in a hybrid way?

Do you prefer it to simply going into the office?

Hybrid working is a flexible working style, wherein employees can divide their working time between the office, co-working spaces, or their homes. The adaptability and freedom that hybrid working offers has made it an extremely popular choice for those transitioning back into a more typical work environment.

We understand that people were forced out of their working space and had to work at home. And now - as restrictions loosen and society resumes some sense of normality - workers are being encouraged to return to their office spaces. We know that this sudden and abrupt change, for some, it is not as simple as moving back and picking up where things left off.

So how does an office make itself stand out from a coworking space or an office at home?

How does an office incentivise its workers to come back?  

How does an office become not just an option but a preference?

Being decorated with original artwork to produce a vibrant and creative atmosphere, that’s how!

At Art in Offices, we have a wide range of different artists who can produce work that represents your brand. For example, choose Stephen Smoky for spaces that want to feel corporate and professional, or consider Marcus Aitken for youthful and trendy atmosphere.

And we understand that many of you are anxious about the prospect of returning to the office, which is why Art in Offices offers original artwork to rent or buy for your home office space!

Studies have shown that an office decorated with artwork, plants, sculptures, etc. improves employee wellbeing by an astounding 42%, correlating to a 35% increase in productivity. To provide further context as to the importance of keeping the workforce happy, stress in employees costs companies approximately £300 billion per year!

We believe that the importance of artwork to create an enriched working environment cannot be understated. With the rise of hybrid working and the potential promise that this becomes the new normal, decorating the workspace has never been more important.

Offices need to become somewhere employees want to work as there are different options available now that previously did not exist in such a prevalent manner before.

Similarly, those working at home need to ensure that their work space motivates them and improves the environment that is displayed to clients and colleagues during meetings and video chats.

So wherever you are working – be it the office, home, or ‘hybrid working’ – check out what Art in Offices can do for you by enriching your workspace with art.