Portrait Drawing Workshop

We had the pleasure of conducting a dynamic portrait drawing workshop for STOICA, aimed at fostering creative dialogue and teamwork among colleagues. This workshop was designed to be enjoyable and accessible to all, regardless of their artistic background. Participants were provided with drawing supplies and paper, and were paired with their coworkers to embark on an imaginative journey of self-expression drawing each others unique portraits.

During the workshop, participants were encouraged to let go of perfectionism and embrace the freedom of creativity in the moment. Through a series of playful exercises, such as drawing each other using only shapes and capturing the colors they see on their partners' features, teams were able to unleash their artistic potential in unexpected ways. The challenges and instructions evolved with time limits, pushing participants to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. Despite initial struggles with letting go of perfectionism, the team ultimately embraced the absurd, creating abstract and unique portraits that reflected their collective creativity and camaraderie. Through this experience, we helped our client nurture a sense of collaboration, creativity and innovation among their employees.