What Gen- Z are looking for in their next jobs

What Gen- Z are looking for in their next jobs.

The entry of Gen Z into the workforce is crucial for the future of the economy and society. As the first truly digital-native generation, they bring with them a unique set of skills and perspectives that can help businesses stay innovative and competitive. They are known for their passion for social and environmental causes, which can drive positive change within the workplace and their diverse backgrounds and experiences bring with them fresh ideas to the workspace. Their entry into the workforce marks a significant shift in the way businesses operate so it is key that organisation adapt in order to attract and retain their young workforce. 


As the resident Gen Z employee here at Art in Offices, I thought I would give you some ways to attract the Gen Z demographic from personal experience when I talk to my friends and peers who are just entering the job market. 

- Provide meaningful work: Gel z workers are often motivated by work that they find meaningful and impactful. Ensure that the work they are doing is aligned with their values and interests. Ensure that your company's values are reflected in the workplace culture.

- Offer growth opportunities: Provide opportunities for growth and development through training, mentorship, and challenging assignments. Gel Z workers often prioritize continuous learning and development through clear career pathways.

- Emphasize work-life balance: Gel z workers value work-life balance and flexible work arrangements. Offer flexible work schedules, remote work options, and generous vacation time. We are the Covid generation, many of us have never worked a 9-5! Whether this is a positive or negative aside, it has created somewhat of an expectation for flexible working whether that be at home or half days.

- Foster a positive company culture: A positive company culture that prioritizes teamwork, collaboration, and open communication can help retain Gen Z workers. We have spent so much time apart so a company that promotes collaboration, whether that be through work socials or simply having lunch together, is a massive plus for an organisation. 

- A great workspace: We love all the mod cons and social extras such as football tables and nice kitchen spaces. This is often the first thing discussed between friends when starting a new job.

- Offer competitive compensation and benefits: Gel z workers often prioritize compensation and benefits that align with their values, such as health and wellness benefits, retirement plans, and paid parental leave. Ensure that your compensation and benefits package is competitive and aligns with the priorities of gel z workers.

- Prioritize social responsibility: Gen Z individuals are often passionate about social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Demonstrate your commitment to these issues through corporate social responsibility initiatives and sustainable business practices.

As evidence of this, I recently received an email from a recruitment company promoting a graduate job, these are the perks of the job which they listed:

- Competitive salary & outstanding commission structure

- Clear progression path from day one up to director level

- Flexible working

- Unlimited holiday

- Modern office with pool table, drinks fridge, fresh fruit etc.

- Amazing incentives including team days/nights out, summer BBQ’s, holidays, Michelin star lunches etc.

- Gym memberships

- Paid parking everyday

- Dress down every day and early finish’s every Friday

- Amazing office culture

- A dedicated wellbeing committee to help you manage your mental health at work


Which I think perfectly sums up the expectations and desires of the Gen- Z workforce.