Agic Uk

This is a story of forming good relationships and referrals.  The office manager of a long term client, with whom we had a close relationship,  left for a new company.  She liked what we did at her former office so much that she invited us in to her new office.

Based in a townhouse in Berkley Square, the office was only made of two rooms, but it was important for them to have art in the baord room.  Art which fitted the new neutral colour scheme, and also brightened up the place.  The added caveat was that we couldn't drill into the walls because they were in a listed building.

This had us scratching our heads, but with the help of an art technician from the Royal Academy, we did some trial and error tests with tape and velcro, and developed a nail and screw free hanging system.

Agic UK pay £490 per month for three artworks to be changed every 6 months