Historic Manchester for Inflexion's Offices

Historic Photographs of Manchester for Inflexion's Offices

We got a call from the offices of Inflexion Private Equity in Manchester, to ask if we could provide photographs of historic Manchester, and we said, "Yes we can!" because we've formed a partnership with a former photo journalist who has access to the entire Getty and Guardian image archives, at reduced rates.

When we visited Inflexion's offices in Manchester, they told us that as a team they had decided they wanted black and white photographs of historic events that related to Manchester such as:


  • Ernest Rutherford splitting the atom
  • The Manchester Derby
  • The Manchester Ship Canal
  • The first electric computer
  • The first IVF baby
  • The Spinning Jenny weaver's loom
  • The inventor of the Cat's Eyes

We sent them a selection of images to choose from, and curated them into themes around their office. All of the images were mocked up onto photos we'd taken of their walls, so they could see what they'd look like in advance.  We also designed some plaques for each photograph, so that visitors could read what each photograph represented.

Then is was just a question of choosing a suitable frame (which wasn't the boring classic black), printing, framing shipping and installing, which took around three weeks from the deposit being paid.