3 Month Art Rental for Home

3 Month Art Rental for Home

Art in Offices have introduced a 3 month art rental service for people's homes.  Renting art for your home starts from £75 for the entire 3 month period, and artwork options include prints, paintings and photographs.

This service is ideal for those of you who make be working from home on a temporary basis, or working remotely until the return to work plan has been organised.

So many of us are jumping on to online meetings via Zoom and Teams, that it has become ever more important to present ourselves and our space.  What we have in the background to our online meetings leaves a lasting impression on our clients and colleagues, so now, more than ever, it's important to be curating our background.

Life going forwards is also likely to involve a mix of home working and office working for most of us, so it seems like the right time to start preparing for the new way of working.

What happens after the 3 month rental ends?  Well, you can either renew for another 3 months, swap it for something else, take it in to work (with your employer's approval) or send it back to us.

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