Our Team

Katie Henry - Founder, Director and CEO

Katie Henry is the founder, director and CEO of Art In Offices, which she founded in 2012. She studied Fine Art Sculpture at Central Saint Martins, and was then Vice President of Students’ Union University of the Arts London. She also has a Masters in Arts Administration and Management from Birkbeck College, University of London, and has completed an accelerator course for creative entrepreneurs. Katie is an active member of the Association of Women Art Dealers.

Katie's vision has always been to make art available to everyone. She has spent the past few years challenging the perception that only FTSE 100 companies can afford art, and has made it her mission to encourage companies of any size to put original art on their office walls by making it affordable. She's a firm believer in art increasing workplace productivity, and the power of art to reflect a company's brand values.

Katie works closely with a select handful of artists ranging from emerging talent to established investment artists like YBA's. Katie has a great eye for spotting emerging talent, and has worked with artists who have gone on to win art prizes, and have solo shows at museums. She is also well known amongst international galleries and has a wide network of fellow art dealers and gallerists.

Shanna Pelling - Social Media Manager

Shanna is our Social Media Manager and connects with the community of followers, friends, artists and clients that engage with Art in Offices every day. She’s the lady with the ideas and the lady with the prizes. She regularly plans competitions for our followers where they can win artwork or tickets to events around the country.

Shanna comes from a Marketing and PR background so knows her stuff inside and out, and she’s got a wicked sense of humour and a very Parisian outlook on life!

Sarah Blencowe - Arts Administrator

Sarah is our arts administrator and works closely with our director to assist with Art in Offices' business management and logistical operations. Before coming to Art in Offices, Sarah worked in the museum sector in Australia.

Sarah studied History and History of Art at the University of Sydney before moving to the United Kingdom. She has a research background in Early Modern and Modern British art.

Bob Henry - Financial Strategist

Bob is our financial strategist. He keeps an overall eye on the company cash flow and advises us on how to best use our hard-earned profits.

Bob has a 47-year history working in finance. He has worked for Midland Bank (now HSBC), GLC, Matrix Group, and spent the last third of his career as a founding partner of Mobeus Equity Limited. Bob is a history lover and likes a random fact, the weirder the better. He's a world-traveller, a gourmande, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of classic cars.

Sophia Sheppard - Curator

Sophie is our curator, creating bespoke collections for clients, sourcing and assembling on-brief artworks, curating each space.

Sophie studied History of Art at Goldsmiths, before pursuing a career as a television arts documentary researcher, including working for Sky Arts and The Discovery Channel. She then returned to her studies, taking an MA in the History and Philosophy of Art in Paris. She has been working as a Curator for three years.

Catherine Loewe - Consultant

Catherine Loewe is Art in Offices' consultant art curator, and advises us on established artists for our clients to collect and invest in. Catherine works with us on projects which require a strategy to be created for our clients who need their collection curated, or who want to invest in art, collect art, or exhibit their existing art collections.

Catherine is a gifted curator and has been producing bespoke art shows and projects in London for the last ten years. Some of her projects include installations at Coopers & Lybrand, St James Hotel & Club, the Marco Polo building and the Nicholls & Clarke building.

Pandora Mather-Lees - Partner

Pandora is our partner for art training. She specialises in providing training on the practicalities of protecting and managing an art collection, especially one which moves from location to location.

Pandora is an Oxford-educated art historian with over 20 years’ experience in the commercial art sector with galleries, museums, auctions houses, art related platforms, logistics, education and a range of professional art organisations. Pandora is a fellow female entrepreneur, who is culturally plugged in and well-travelled. She knows the art industry and its main players inside and out.