Office Sculpture

Office Sculpture

Have you got a large reception that needs wow factor as people enter?  Have you got lrge windows which hundreds of people walk past every day and you want them t stop and stare?  Well the solution is to add some office sculpture!

If you are an architect, a building or estate manager, and your building has a large reception, with an atrium or tall ceilings, you should consider placing a piece of sculpture in the space.  Oversized sculpture is easier than you think to source and install into buildings, and they make a huge impact on visitors.

Our oversized office reception sculptures are charged differently to our normal artworks for rental. Instead of dividing the sale price by 24 months, there is a flat fee per artwork, making it a very affordable option.

Prices & Sizes

  • Small sculptures that are up to £5,000 are £200 per month. 
  • Medium sculptures that are up to £10,000 are £275 per month. 
  • Large sculptures that are up to £15,000 are £350 per month. 
  • Monumental sculptures that are from £15,000 to £20,000 plus are £500 per month.
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