Art for Co Working Spaces

Art for Co Working Spaces

We love curating pieces to suit all kinds of spaces.  When we curate art for co working spaces we think of the types of company using the space, the vibe, the personality the space should have, the feeling you want when your members walk through that door.  We want them to go "wow, i love working in this space".

Art in offices Provide artwork for Co Working spaces with lovely art pieces for your space which you can buy on our website or they can be rented or rotated. Perfect for your office spaces.

We source artwork directly from our family of artists, and ship it straight from them to you.  The cost of renting art for your co working space is linked proportionally to the sale value of the artwork, which means prices range from affordable to investment, but the quality of the art is always amazing and personally checked by the team.

The benefits of art in a Co Working space, In addition to boosting products and aesthetics, bringing art in the Co working space through artistic collaborations allows us to promote culture, supporting local and international emergent artists.

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