Aldi Distribution Centre, Sawley

Aldi Distribution Centre Sawley

Aldi is a company continuously growing, and are currently building more shops, distribution centres and offices.  Aldi are committed to creating the best working environment they can for their staff, and the art they own at each site is vitally important to the company ethos.

Aldi asked Art in Offices to submit a tender proposal for their new distribution centre and office site at Sawley, just outside of Nottingham. They showed the Art in Offices team around an existing replica site at the Isle of Sheppey, so that we could get to grips with the spaces, the rooms, and the company's brand values and personality. 

It was clear that they wanted and needed bright and colourful artworks, which were contemporary but not too Avant Garde. So we submitted a proposal of art prints and photographs by contemporary artists for the less important areas, and a lot of original works on paper, limited edition prints and monoprints by our own family of artists for the important areas, key waiting areas and high-traffic corridors and meeting rooms.

Aldi were very impressed with the quality of artwork we supplied, whilst still being incredibly competitive on price, and they have asked us to look at two further sites.

Art in Offices' own brand values matched those of Aldi very well. We both feel art is very important to office life.  We both believe in getting staff involved in creative opportunities. We both believe that great art doesn't have to be expensive. We both value locally sourced talent, and supporting local suppliers - artists in our case, farmers in Aldi's case. This project was exactly what we like doing, and we are so pleased that our client is very happy with the results.