Arjun Infrastructure

Arjun Infrastructure

A Biophilic Office

Arjun Infrastructure came to us at the point when they were about to hit "go" on their office fitout and they new they wanted some art in their new space.  The company has seen amazing growth and they were moving out from serviced offices into their first office space and they were very excited.

When the office manager sent over the sketches of how the office woul dlook after the fitout, we could immediatley see a biohilic theme.  They had brought the outside in through the use of wood and planting and moss walls, so we knew immediatley that the artwork we chose should enhamce this feeling.

The artwork we curated for Arjun Infrastructure included a selection of original paintings and prints.  The paintings were by Paul Anderson Morrow, whose abstract artworks feel sllike looking the the reflective surface of water.  The prints were a mixture of abstratc prints, which used natural colours in muted tomes and natural shapes.  The feeling in the client facing area was a feeling of impact in an understated way, and in the staff area the curated artwork enhanced the colours in the interior office design.

Arjun Infrastructure have been in touch many times to save they are all really happy with the art, and later in the year we plan to create a student art strategy with them, to support the artists of the future.