Art Wellness with Laura Benetton

Art Wellness with Laura Benetton

Arts in Offices recently had loads of fun attending the Clerkenwell Open event with Sagal!

It was a real pleasure to be able to share our knowledge, our expertise, and our art with everyone who attended the Sagal showroom at the Clerkenwell Open event. After so long away from these kinds of public events, it was great to be back at it!

We got the chance to meet loads of new people (as well as some familiar faces) and we gave a talk about the importance of art and its ability to increase wellness and productivity. We also had the amazingly talented Laura Benetton painting a beautiful mural live!

Laura’s mural perfectly encapsulates the importance of art in the office, coworking space, or home. Bright, vibrant colours enrich the workspace and engage employees: increasing wellness and productivity.

A study by Dr Craig Knight found that decorating a workspace with art and plants increases the wellbeing of employees by a massive 42%. He found that this increase in wellbeing directly led to a huge growth in productivity. With anxiety and stress reduced - and workers feeling much happier as a result of their wonderfully decorated spaces – productivity increases by 35%.

“If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art.” – Dr Craig Knight

Having a colourful and creative space to work in can lead to a 70% decrease in feelings of anxiety. It can also lead to a 73% decrease in feelings of depression. These are monumental changes in the wellbeing and mental health of employees. And these huge improvements are obtained by something as simple as a few pieces of art in the workspace.

Laura’s mural was the perfect example of how art can metamorphose a plain wall or an empty space.

Her work immediately enriched the Sagal showroom. The addition of bright colours and dynamic shapes brought a vibrant and fun energy that completely transformed the space.

At Art in Offices, we specialise in bringing the transformative power of art to any space. We offer a variety of packages at a variety of price-ranges so anyone can experience the benefits of art, regardless of their budget.