Artist Talk

Artist Talk

This workshop is available in your office or virtually.

You can invite one of our artists or one of the investment artists we work with to come in to your office to talk about their art, their practice, how they got started and their career as an artist.  Many of our artists are full time artists making a living form their art but many are also teachers, parents, have full time day job and paint in their spare time.  Some run galleries and some have set up exhibitions of their work in other countries all on their own.

Talks are facilitated by our Director Katie Henry and can be arranged as a solo talk or as part of a panel of other artists and creatives.  

Listening to an artist talk about their work, what inspires them and how they find the motivation is incredibly inspiring.  Your staff may get their own creative juices flowing, leading to innovation or the start of an exciting project, maybe even a collaboration with the artist themselves!

Because we support our artists in making a living, we ask that companies pay our artists for their time, so these workshops cost £150 (per artist) and the entire fee is paid directly to the artist.

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