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Buy: £2395 Rent: £100

Distortion with Red and Blue

Rob Dunt 105cm x 105cm
Buy: £895 Rent: £37

Electricity (Autumn Yellows)

Rob Dunt 54cm x 65cm
Buy: £3000 Rent: £125

Night Light

Terry Beard 150cm x 120cm
Buy: £2500 Rent: £104

Natural Disorder

Joanne Hummel-Newell 90cm x 130cm
Buy: £2400 Rent: £100


Sam Peacock 150cm x 100cm
Buy: £180 Rent: £25

Lucy Chapman - Lucy in the Sky

Landmark Student Art Prize 30cm x 42cm
Buy: £900 Rent: £38

Triangles 7

Lucie Jirků 65cm x 80cm
Buy: £7990 Rent: £333

Leaving Here

Kate Trafeli 130cm x 180cm
Buy: £20000 Rent: £834

South Bank

Gareth Griffiths 40cm x 200cm
Buy: £4500 Rent: £188


Rebecka Forsén 60cm x 100cm
Buy: £1400 Rent: £58

Winter Bells

Zino Pece 70cm x 80cm
Buy: £600 Rent: £25

Alex Charovas - I meet your gaze 16

Landmark Student Art Prize 48.5cm x 68.5cm
Buy: £700 Rent: £30

Thames South

Benjamin Clayden 105cm x 87cm
Buy: £1500 Rent: £63

The Second Step in Colour

Alexander Paul 40cm x 50cm
Buy: £2995 Rent: £125

Debt Pout

Benjamin Phillips 65cm x 95cm
Buy: £550 Rent: £25

Weathered Wall

Alan James McLeod 55cm x 60cm
Buy: £700 Rent: £30

Wharf Illuminations

Benjamin Clayden 102cm x 116cm
Buy: £950 Rent: £39

Voice Of Formation

Frederick Lowis 82cm x 60cm
Buy: £700 Rent: £30

Never Stop Dreaming

50cm x 60cm
Buy: £2100 Rent: £88

Li River 1

Jo Lewis 125cm x 50cm
Buy: £300 Rent: £25

The Fall 3. # 402

Mat Rochford 13cm x 13cm