Artwork at Pinners Hall

Artwork at Pinners Hall

Reception Artwork

This is our first project with Mapp, who blieve that "property management is a force for good". The building manager had wanted to put art in the reception for a number of months but hadn't found a reliable and affordable art rental company to add to their supplier list.  Enter Art in Offices!

Pinners Hall is an amazing space with it's own internal waterfall (it's amazing) and the original brief was to bring an element of flora and fauna through to the reception area.  But after presenting a few options to the decision makes at Pinners Hall, it was felt that the artworks by Soozy Barker were the most appropriate.

Mapp asked us to do an out of office hours installation and we were more than happy to help.  This is just one of the many services we provide.  Although we wish we'd been there to see the faces of people the morning after.  It's those looks onfaces that bring us joy in our work.

If you need artwork of any kind for your reception, please get in touch and tell us your brief.

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