Blindfolded Builder

Creative Team Building Events

A communication skills based challenege.  Teams are set a "building" activity (desk sized or larger), where the builder is blindfolded and must listen to their teammates instructions to win the prize.

This event is not necessarily a training based activity but more of a creative break for the office where there efforts come together to make a larger team piece. It presents an opportunity for a team that wants to try its hand at something creative for the first time. This can be done in a lunch hour or after work.

Using magazines, paper, photographs and recycled materials (plus glue) you’ll create a self portrait of your team/workspace/company in an abstract sense.  It doesn’t have to be accurate, just your creative interpretation.  Here’s the catch – everybody has a different area of the picture to create, but they’ve all got to come together to make something that connects and looks like a whole.

  • Materials: Various paper materials
  • Time needed: Minimum 45 minutes 
  • Space: Break out space with tables
  • Cost: £15 per person (min 5 people)
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