Colony NorthStar

Colony NorthStar UK

Colony Northstar UK invited us into their office just off Regent Street, because they needed 4 artworks to replace some being taken home by a retired Director.

Instead of buying artwork, or asking another staff member if they had any they wanted to put up, they decided to rent some artwork for 12 months, and change it after a year. Their theme was "Urban Art" because Colony NorthStar have a hotel in their portfolio, whose decor comprises street art and urban art.

There was only one person in the office making the final decision, which made the whole process very quick from beginning to end. The decision about which art to have had been made within a week, and the artwork was installed just ten days after the deposit was paid. The whole process took three weeks, and everything went incredibly smoothly from start to finish.

Colony NorthStar are renting 5 artworks for £575 per month.