Combat Working From Home Fatigue

Combat Working From Home Fatigue

Are you still working from home (WFH)?  Us too, and to be honest we’re getting a little tired of it.  There are positives of course;  we don’t have to commute and shove ourselves into tin cans for a 30min + journey into a city, it’s convenient for dropping the kids off at school (when we’re not in lockdown and home-schooling), and yes we probably see more of our families and other halves (if we’re lucky enough to live with them) and we can raid the fridge for whatever we want plus go for walks whenever we want, but there are negatives too.

Without the stimulus of group chats, collaborative conversations, and a dedicated working space which separates life from home, (not to mention our favourite coffee shop and some lunchtime shopping), we might find our mental health suffering, and WFH fatigue setting in.

So what can we do?  You’ll be pleased to know there is actually a very simple solution which applies not just to working from home, but to the office environment too.  Here’s the simple formula:

Plants + Art = more productive and happier you

Yep, it really is that simple.  As you will have read in previous blogs I’ve written, Dr Craig Knight of the university of Exeter has studied workspaces (in this case offices), and in his study of 2010 he compared offices which are unenriched (meaning they have no plants or decoration) to those which were. 

The results were staggering.  Simply adding plants and art increased productivity in the staff by up to 35% and staff wellness increased by 42%.  And when we say wellness we mean people noted less stress, less mental anguish, less anxiety, there were fewer sick days and everyone felt happier.  When people were allowed to curate their own space and choose what they had in the office, these figures went up even more.

So lucky you, working from home, you have the opportunity now to curate your own workspace and choose which plants and art you have up on the wall!  It’s for just this reason that Art in Offices are collaborating with Planteria to provide you with the solution to having both of these things in your home workspace. 

Art in Offices have launched a 3-month rental service specifically for your homes, and Planteria have just launched Planteria Homes.  Art in Offices offering includes a new range of super affordable prints (which can be rented from just £25 per month) as well as the massive array of paintings they would usually hang in offices, and Planteria Home is a specific service to provide the most home friendly house plants, with plants from £9 which can be delivered to your home in London and the Surrounding areas! 

We are both offering discount codes to our loyal follower and clients, which can be found on our social media and newsletters.

But why does this work?  What is it about plants and art that increase our productivity and our wellness?


In the case of art, the reason it makes us more productive is because it creates an atmosphere we enjoy working in.  There are stimulating things to look at, our brains are constantly stimulated and when we get screen fatigue there is something enjoyable to look at and get lost in, until your brain feels ready to start again.

In the case of plants, the greenery gets us back to nature and the outdoors (the natural habitat for humans who have been farming and living in the landscape for millennia), they purify the air, add texture and interest and something to nurture (even for those of us who aren’t green fingered – we might still say hello to them).

It’s all about creating an atmosphere that’s conducive to making you feel happy, which is why those figures shoot up when people get to decide themselves what they see (one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure after all). 

Right now, we all need to be doing things that make us happy, so add some plants and art to your space, and feel the difference it makes to your day.