Design Haus Liberty Commission

Design Haul Liberty Commission

Design Haus Liberty, (also known as DH Liberty contacted Art in Offices to find two sculpturers for a commercial office property in Mayfair, which they were refurbishing for the owner. The architect, who was also acting as interior designer, had a very specific vision for the type of artwork she wanted, so we knew immediately that a commission would be the best way to meet the brief.

The brief from DH Liberty's architect had a very particular aesthetic, and after discussing the style with our own stable of artists, it was clear that we would have to look outside of our signed artists and work with someone who we knew of, but was new to us.

Enter Richard Graham, an artist who has made sculptures for shop displays as well as galleries, and runs his own design studio. Richard explored different materials and finishes for us, so that the finished piece was light enough to hang on a tiled wall, durable enough to stand the test of time, but had the appearance of porcelain or clay to look fragile and delicate. Crucially, the whole project had to come in on budget, so the whole thing needed a lot of imagination and thinking outside of the box and Richard excelled in this area.

DH Liberty and the building owner are exceptionally pleased with the finished commission, and all three parties are looking forward to working with each other again in the future. This was a fantastic commission to work on and we're so pleased that we have made a new client very happy and also found an amazing new artist to work with.