First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) contacted Art in Offices following a referral from XAB Architects, another client who had previously requested our help with a bespoke project.

(You can read about our project with XAB here)

After visiting their offices on Cannon Street, I put together a proposal of artworks that would best reflect the company's aesthetic: contemporary, elegant, and luxurious. Having made sure we had the perfect selection of pieces to proceed with, FAB decided to rent the majority of the works on a rotational basis and to purchase a special commission created and installed by Stuart Hartley, which comprised a large arrangement of rainbow-coloured cubes attached to the wall of the bank's open-plan offices.

The selection of works currently rented by First Abu Dhabi Bank shows a particular focus on vibrant colours, sleek contemporary surfaces and a variety of shapes and materials - a visually striking combination of pieces which harmonises well with the company's dynamic outlook.

First Abu Dhabi Bank were eager to complete the project and installation quickly, and we were delighted to get the job done for them at the fast pace they needed before all of their staff moved in to enjoy the office's colourful walls.

First Abu Dhabi Bank rents a selection of 19 artworks which are rotated once a year.