GSA was our biggest project to date and wow we had a lot of fun! The client were incredibly clear with their brief from the start and they were an amazing client to work with who were happy to push boundaries, take on suggestions and be a bit alternative.

One floor of this project was dedicated to workspace. the desks, phone booths and meeting rooms that keep the team busy day to day. So using the concept of "Resimercial" alongside the brand identity of the company, we split the workspaces into different curatorial sections which included: Quiet contemplation, Inspiration and creativity, Break out and chat, Meeting Room Focus. As well as artwork for the transient areas like corridors. All these different spaces within the office needed a different feel, a different energy and a different colour palette to zone them.

On the 7th floor, the space was designated for the reception and welcome, the main board room, hiring and interview space, and a lot of space for staff wellness such as the library for quiet working, the very large cafe and break out area and the gym. Again, we used art to zone the spaces, using different artists, colours and vibes for each of the different spaces, whilst sticking to the Resimercial theme. We were most proud of the cafe area, which was fun, playful, quirky and eclectic to make sure the staff got out of the "work" headspace when they could. We also commissioned two artworks for the 7th floor - a series of four Olly Fathers Marquetry works for the reception and a bespoke painting for the boardroom by Claire Chandler. It was a fantastic project which we get to curate every 6 months, as GSA have decided to rent and rotate art with Art in Offices.